Delivery & Storage

  • Storage

    We have capacity to store 260,000 square bales, so a consistent hay supply is available throughout the year. Most of the storage is completely enclosed and on concrete floors with moisture barriers ensuring a well preserved and protected bale of hay.

  • Bale Baron Accumulators

    We utilize Bale Baron Accumulators so our hay comes packaged in 21 bale packages, which makes loading and unloading much easier and faster for you and us. The bundles are bound with twine rather than metal straps so disposal is easier and safer.

  • Delivery

    We understand the inconvenience of hauling your own hay so we also offer delivery at a very competitive price from our farm to yours. Call our office to schedule your pickup from one of our barns or delivery directly to yours. At our yard in Webberville we will load one bale at a time.

  • van trailer switch out program

    We also offer a van trailer switch out program. Where we bring a loaded trailer and pick up the empty one. We offer various sizes from 28 ft. to 57 ft. trailers to accommodate your needs.